Business, no longer, as usual...

One thing is for sure overnight businesses of many different types have had to adapt, put certain things on hold and in some instances have diversified in order to continue trading. But what will the new normal look like? Business owners need to look to their Head of Marketing and Marketing Managers to create a Marketing Strategy for the recovery plan.

Adapt to survive.

At the heart of any business strategy is the target customer, whoever you’re targeting be it a loyal customer base or a totally new one, you’ll need to grab them, and hold onto them through your marketing strategy.

The face of your business may have had to change and adapt but the need to market your proposition to your customer base either to acquire, retain or win back remains a constant that will never diminish.

Right now while many business activities have been suppressed is a time to remain in contact with your customer base, let them know what is happening within your business and keep in touch. If you've adapted your business then you'll need to be communicating this too, there could be a whole new audience for you to tap into.

Marketing Strategy for recovery plan.

Now is the time to relook at your marketing plan, a reassessment is needed of the marketing strategy you had in place before the pandemic and where you are now. The marketing tactics you were using before may still apply but your target audience may have shifted not just in profile but in their needs for your product or service. It's time to reassess your marketing goals, who your new audience are and how they are engaging with your product or service. Then creating a fresh marketing plan with the tactics and channels for how you are going to reach them.

DM as part of the Marketing Mix.

Before the virus changed the norm for so many businesses we were seeing a resurgence in direct mail with it’s ability to cut through the digital noise with a tangible, more trusted format straight to the doorstep of your customers. With so many non-key workers isolating at home, now more than ever we look forward to the flutter of the letterbox with mail arriving.


bitmap1Mail is trusted: 70% saying it creates a better impression than email.1

bitmap1Mail is remembered: 49% more memory recall than email.2

bitmap1Mail delivers: 37% went on to buy after receiving DM.3

Direct mail could now play an important part of your marketing strategy to help your business communicate your new normal with your customers.

Open for business.

If you haven't utilised direct mail as part of your marketing mix before then with Royal Mail's Covid-19 Open for Business Incentive offer (crucially offering postage credits to customers), perhaps now is a great time to add direct mail to your marketing strategy to communicate your new normal to your customers.

If you'd like to find our more about how direct mail could help market your business, or need a little more info and help on the Royal Mail's Covid-19 Open for Business Incentive application, please get in touch with one of our team on the usual number 01284 718 900.

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