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CloserStill – mailing to Global Vet Show portfolio.

CloserStill manage a Global veterinary portfolio. In order to support registrations to the Vet Shows worldwide, they require support in mailing to various regions including in the UK, France, Germany, USA and recently Asia.

Data management.

We take CloserStills data, sort, dedupe and profile it ready to mail to exhibitor and event visitor contacts.

Time sensitive mailing.

We have worked with CloserStill for over 10 years and they rely on us to provide a fast and effective delivery of their time sensitive mailings.

For the London Vet Show, we arrange the fast and efficient printing of the Vet Show Guide ensuring it arrives in time for the opening of the show.

East of England Co-op membership mailings

The Precision team are key to our direct mail campaigns. They are always open and willing to help us, no matter how crazy our new ideas are. They often go above and beyond to deliver our campaigns to the highest quality.

Rachel Kilmartin, Marketing Manager, Vet Show Portfolio.

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