Election campaigning platform for the Labour Party.

With 6,400 council seats in 650 constituencies to campaign for, an election campaigning platform was essential to deliver the national message locally to constituents.

50 million variable data items.

During the six-week General Election campaign (from the point the Prime Minister visits the Queen to the day of the election) 50 million variable data items are generated by up to 650 candidates and distributed to multiple printers and suppliers. The party needed a platform that provided increased functionality and features that the existing platform couldn’t deliver. They chose to use the Connects platform, to be hosted on their own AWS network. They wanted to be self-reliant, managing and editing the content themselves.

Rapid solution required.

Due to the uncertainty of the Brexit process, the political situation was volatile and could change quickly. We had to plan for the worse scenario, a snap election being called, and we needed to ensure the regional teams weren’t left without the tools to effectively stage a general election campaign. 

The Connects team had to deliver an MVP (minimum viable product) in just 4 weeks without derailing the original project and adding cost to the build.


A flexible and easy to use direct mail platform.

With the inevitable comparison to the old platform we wanted to “wow” users with a fabulous user interface and added functionality. The Connects team wanted to delight users and administrators alike despite the fast delivery.

At a time when the party could have been left without a central campaigns hub to launch an effective election campaign, the Precision Connects team delivered a product that met the key criteria of the party within just four weeks. This was only possible because of the unique way that the Connects platform has been constructed to create a bespoke solution on an established, robust framework.

In just four weeks the team delivered:

  • A platform based on the core principals of modern e-commerce experience.
  • A range of editable templates that spanned different capabilities.
  • Links to all printers within the Labour Party network.
  • The ability to upload data sets for direct mail campaigns.

The team at Precision have delivered a ridiculously good platform in a ridiculously tight timeframe. We are excited at the prospect of what can be achieved. We see Precision playing an important part in how we galvanise our activists in the field, support our candidates and how we communicate more effectively with the electorate.

Greg Burton  - Director of Election Support, Campaign Delivery and Training, The Labour Party

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