Driving visitors to Show Homes Nationwide.

As a specialist retirement homebuilder, McCarthy & Stone have more of a specific customer profile than a regular House Builder. Taking 50,000 existing customer profiles and using these to search for new prospects enabled a data pool of 150,000 prospects.

Testing mail vs door drops.

Preferring a personal approach to communicate with both their existing CRM data and new prospects, we recognised that we could test the effectiveness of targeted, hand delivered mail compared to door drops.

Profiling existing customers to seek new.

We took a data feed of 50,000 existing customers to enable us to profile the core attributes and use those attributes when searching for brand new prospects. We built a data pool of 150,000 named and 150,000 unnamed prospects that were not already known to McCarthy.


Royal Mail trial programme.

Royal Mail MarketReach agreed McCarthy were a good fit for their trial programme, mailing 150,000 prospects for free. Measurement was essential as to qualify for the trial, we needed to track enquiries responding to the campaign and not a general enquiry and if the enquiry was inspired by the named or un-named mailer.


Attendance at open event.

The mailer was an invitation to attend an Open Day over the course of a weekend and the data needed to be split between the 7 regions and 67 separate developments with separate response mechanisms for named and un-named. The promotion included a free £20 Marks & Spencer voucher if a tour is booked.

Boosting qualified visitors:

534 named and 452 un-named - qualified visitors generated through the mailers.

We were delighted that Precision immediately thought of McCarthy & Stone as a candidate for the trial. We worked openly and inclusively we Precision and MarketReach with the one shared intention of making the campaign successful. The Precision team delivered an opportunity to us, one of only seven in the country, a trial that not only delivered fabulous results but also at an unprecedented cost per unit price. In addition, we will be featured as a MarketReach case study.

Mark Hart, Marketing Operations Manager, McCarthy & Stone

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