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eCommerce platform for bladder weakness.

Pelviva – a pelvic floor muscle re-trainer that provides women with clinically effective and discrete treatment for bladder leakage. Women are looking for a combination of quality professional advice, support 24/7, and online access to purchase.

Launching Pelviva for bladder weakness.

Developing a range of technically ground-breaking devices for female urinary incontinence. Femeda has launched Pelviva, a Pelvic Floor muscle re-trainer that provides women with a clinically effective, safe and discrete treatment for bladder leakage.

Discrete advice and purchase.

1 in 3 women experience bladder weakness. The current consumer mindset is one of embarrassment, and a purchase mind set of privacy 40% of incontinence products are sold direct to consumers. Women want to be able to seek advice, support and a solution to their problem -  discreetly.

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Integrated eCommerce platform.

We designed and built a bespoke e-commerce site bolted on to main consumer website, allowing women to order product directly from the site.

A 24/7 customer care line, offers confidential and discreet advice. We set up a Pelviva Support Group in conjunction with Pharmacists to encourage women who present in pharmacy with bladder weakness to join a support hub.

 After 12 weeks of regularly using Pelviva, 84% of women report improved bladder control.

bitmap1I used Pelviva for 3 months and found it very discreet, easy to use and actually makes a difference to your pelvic floor control.

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