Training on a new category.

Puressentiel realised that pharmacy distribution, support and recommendation would be key to the success of the brand in the UK. They improved the understanding of what aromatherapy is for pharmacy staff through a series of training modules.

Changing perceptions of the brand.

Key to achieving these goals would be to provide pharmacy staff with training to build awareness, support and recommendation in pharmacy. This would include changing the mindset of staff and to encourage understanding of aromatherapy as a health brand, rather than its current positioning as an adjunct to beauty therapy as a massage oil.

Test your knowledge.

We devised a series of three training modules for staff. Each module was made available in both hard copy and on-line for best learning. ‘Test your Knowledge’ quiz, to encourage engagement and involvement. Because Puressentiel products are unlicensed the company was able to offer an incentive for staff completing  all three modules to enter a free prize draw to Win a holiday in Paris -  and Puressentiel’s Head Office.


Reporting logging all relevant metrics.

We took core assets and copy and devised and printed the training modules incorporating interactive ‘Test Your Knowledge’ quiz. We mailed the hard copy module, built the on-line site, and set up the back end reporting system to log all relevant metrics; registrations, completion rates  per module, number of staff eligible to enter the competition.


bitmap1Using Precision's training system, Puressentiel were able to monitor key metrics for the Training Academie in real time. 1,271 Pharmacy staff trained and 547 Pharmacies enrolled.

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