A national solution, locally delivered - Vanarama.

With an online vehicle leasing business supported by 52 regional partner offices throughout the UK – the Connects platform provided Vanarama local delivery of the national brand message.

Delivering a national brand proposition, locally.

Vanarama has grown rapidly, founded in 2004, it now employs 250 people at its head office in Hemel Hempstead. In the year to December 2016 Vanarama saw turnover up 56.4% to £39.1m with pre-tax profits up 77% to £4.4m. The online vehicle leasing business is supported by 52 regional offices to represent them in location. They approached the Connects team for ways to support their regional teams in delivering a national brand proposition.

Localised marketing self-serve solution.

Vanaramas central marketing team were struggling to support the increasing demands of the regional offices. They were looking to provide a self-serve solution that enabled the customisation and localisation of centrally branded materials and the ability to market to consumers within their local area.

Vanarama Connects.

The benefit of the modular construction of the Connects platform is that we can adapt the technology to suit, we call this Connects Bespoke. We developed a bespoke Connects platform for Vanarama regional offices providing them with a range of customisable but branded materials from Business Cards to Direct Mail that enables them to run a local campaign based on their local knowledge. When committing to a financial agreement, such as leasing, many of us still want to deal with a representative face to face. The Connects Bespoke platform gives them the power to be in charge of their own success with a fabulous online toolbox of marketing assets.


The platform ticks a lot of boxes for both the central and regional teams. Through creating a central marketing hub the regions can operate at the pace they want to and we free up a huge amount of resource time through automating the local marketing process. A great example of the power and influence of the Connects Platform is the Leased on Your Street Campaign. In three clicks a region can target every house on the street where they have just leased a vehicle, with a target postcard with no minimum order value.


Kim Doolan, Marketing Manager, Vanarama

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