Establishing credibility in a traditional market place.

As a challenger brand to both the traditional estate agency and the market leading hybrid estate agency Purple Bricks, YOPA needed to establish their brand and their offering quickly.

Reach a wider audience.

Yopa had focused their early growth through developing their brand digitally but they needed to reach a wider audience and grow their market share quickly.

Making an impression.

Our strategy was based on championing the local YOPA agent along with the area they operate in. We used the low cost proposition to focus on the savings that would be made if the house seller chose YOPA over their local agent.

We personalised the letter using an image of the local sales agent to make an introduction ahead of the valuation and we used key statistics based on the postcode location of the target to boast about the success of the YOPA proposition in the local area.


Matching customer profiles.

We ran customer data profiling of existing customers of YOPA and recognised a type, matching that profile type to Acorn and then running a data query against the 23 million records.

We then geographically split the prospect data across the 100 + local sales agents and their territories. Using the Composition Engine within our Connects platform we linked the profile assets of the local agent, to the typical savings based on the location, and the prospect data to generate 150,000 variable data files within 15 minutes.


A surge in listings.

A surge in listings – from our 3-month campaign and the national TV campaign they ran in conjunction. Resulting in YOPA becoming third on the list of houses listed from a position outside the 20 just months earlier.

The success of the campaign in lifting YOPA to becoming one of the largest Estate Agency Groups in the UK based on houses listed has resulted in us adopting the EAST mantra when pre-testing the relevance of a Connects campaign. Is it Easy to understand, attractive to the recipient, salient to both the target and location and timely.

It was important to us that we didn’t just focus on mass communication when building our brand name. Our success would depend on the success of our local agents and we supported them. Together with the team at Precision, we planned the campaign with the support of as much data science as possible and championed the field team as local agents with local expertise. It worked and was a key element in the acceptance and rapid growth of the brand.

David Shiel, Head of Direct Marketing, YOPA

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