We provide the data insight behind your customer retention, growth and acquisition strategies.

Data can make or break your direct marketing. We can help you use big data to better understand your marketplace, creating targeted lists for your campaigns, so you can make better decisions and optimise ROI.

Sourcing intelligent data.

We go beyond simply identifying your campaign’s data requirements. By taking the time to truly understand your customer profile, we’ll source the best (and most relevant) GDPR compliant data for your marketing initiatives. Whether for telephone marketing, email opt-in campaigns or lists for your next mailing, we’ll source exactly what you need at the best price.

GDPR compliant data.

Let’s face it, GDPR is a pretty daunting prospect. Not only is our service fully GDPR compliant, we also work with a credible partner and have developed our own data protection policies. So, you can be confident that your direct marketing campaigns are fully compliant.

Making your data work harder.

We’re experts at making your data work harder. We use CACI Acorn to segment your targets according to a range of demographics.

We further sub-divide these groups so we can offer you accurate information and in-depth analysis of everyone you’re trying to reach, from financially stretched students to comfortable seniors.

Optimising data lists.

We know that companies who regularly maintain their databases experience 66% higher conversion than those who don’t. We clean your lists and manage merging, purging, suppression, de-duping and return handling.

Your marketing is only as good as your data so we clean your lists until they’re spotless.

We keep data lists up to date and accurate with suppression against 3rd party lists including:

  • Mailing Preference Service (MPS)
  • Telephone Preference Service (TPS)
  • Corporate Telephone Preference Service (CTPS)
  • National Change of Address (NCOA)
  • Postcode Address File (PAF) checking

Specialist Healthcare databases.

We own and manage the most up to date Pharmacy database in the UK with multi-level pharmacy and prescription data.

So if you are in the consumer healthcare sector we can deliver highly targeted activation campaigns to key healthcare professionals or consumers.

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Get geeky with your data

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