Direct Mail

We dispatch over 40 million direct mail items a year.

Our direct mailing services cover every step. We’ll provide the most efficient methods to drive your direct mail marketing campaign ROI.

From a single item to bulk mailings of over 500,000, our direct mailing fulfilment service is second to none. And it gets better. We can also help you keep your direct marketing campaign on budget to drive the marketing campaign ROI that you need.


We take care of your direct mail campaign from start to finish.

We cover your direct mailing campaign from start to finish. Our printing, insertion and response handling are all under one solar powered roof and we can produce personalised print at speeds of up to 10,000 items per hour.

Our direct mail volume of over 40 million items a year means we can get you the best postal prices. Our dedicated team of marketing campaign account managers oversee every aspect of the process, so we’ll be with you every step of the way.  

Best value postage solution.

Our large dispatch volumes give us strong purchasing power with Royal Mail and other direct mailing service providers. This means we can access the best rates for your direct mail campaign. We’ll match your requirement with the best-fit postage solution, considering size, weight and delivery speed and cross-referencing DSA costs against Royal Mail to give you the best value. Coupled with our carbon neutral environmentally friendly, inhouse printing, we can access further postage discounts via the Sustainable Mail service.

Our experienced campaign team can help you with any postage incentives available, from First Time User scheme to Testing and Innovation - they can guide you to savings on your postage for each of your direct mail campaigns.

Personalisation means optimisation.

Did you know that 65% of addressed direct mail is opened and 27% of direct mail advertising could still be ‘live’, even up to 28 days after delivery? (Source: JICMAIL Mail Media Metrics, A new currency for mail 2018). A personally addressed, direct mail marketing campaign can significantly increase customer engagement. So, we take personalisation of direct mail very seriously.

We have print personalisation options for any format and can inkjet or laser print names and addresses directly onto your mailing campaign. For high speed and high quality we have the latest Konica Minolta black only and colour laser printers, these are perfect for personalised letters and address carrier sheets, our huge laser capacity ensures that we can meet the tightest of print deadlines.

For simple addressing of direct mail postcards, envelopes or brochures we are equipped with the latest high-volume Astrojet inkjet printers. 

We also have a Videojet inkjet system that can even print to polythene on our polywrap mailing lines, this versatile machine can be used to print addresses to the reverse of brochures and catalogues as well.

And to maximise postage discounts we have the latest software that allows us to print Mailmark barcodes in addition to your usual addressing requirement.

Direct Mail Fulfilment with finesse.

Large scale production capacity allows us to complete up to three direct marketing mailings for every adult in the UK per annum!

Our four envelope insertion lines and polywrap lines give us the breadth to complete mailings from just a few hundred to a million or more. All of our insertion lines are equipped with the latest double detect systems, which means your direct mailing is completed perfectly from the first pack to the millionth!

For more bespoke direct mailings, you can rely on our dedicated hand-packing team. Whether it be bulky packs, matched insertions, multiple inserts, they’ll ensure everything is finished with finesse and to exact standards.

  • Automated folding and finishing
  • Automated envelope enclosing
  • Hand fulfilment
  • Compostable mailing film

bitmap1High-quality finish, fast turnaround and great value direct mail marketing.

Postage incentive schemes.

We can offer big discounts based on growth, volume commitment, testing and innovation, and for first time users of direct advertising mail.

Advertising Mail Growth Scheme.

Mail more direct mail items for a discount. This scheme offers a price discount for incremental advertising mail posted above an agreed baseline volume over a 12 month period.

Any customer sending over 250,000 additional items of incremental advertising mail over a 12 month period can apply.

  • Discount of 2.5p for machine readable letters, up to 10.5p for heavy large letters
  • Available for all incremental volume.

Advertising Mail Volume Commitment.

Maintain increased direct mailing volumes. Following on from the Advertising Mail Growth Scheme, the mail volume commitment will save you money if you maintain the same volume of items in the 24 months immediately after the initial year on the Advertising Mail Growth Incentive.

  • Discount of 2.5p for machine readable letters, up to 10.5p for heavy large letters
  • Available for all incremental volume.

Testing and Innovation with Direct Mail.

Wanting to test new direct mail marketing approaches? The testing and innovation scheme offers discounts for customers testing new direct mail advertising applications. You might like to send a welcome postcard or create a loyalty campaign.

  • Discounts vary between 15% for advertising mail and 30 % for business mail.

First Time User of Direct Mail Advertising.

For customers who have never used advertising direct mail or have lapsed usage for 2 years, can qualify for the First Time User Scheme.

  • Discounts of between 2.5p to 10.9p an item, depending on service used.
  • Saving can be applied on up to three direct mail campaigns within 12 month period.

Effective response handling.

To top it all off, our in-house response handling team can collate your direct mail marketing campaign responses daily to refine your marketing database and provide immediate direct mail performance analysis. We can also follow up your direct mail with a telemarketing campaign. This is frequently used by our events clients to increase their attendee numbers at seminars and trade shows.

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Let’s talk mail

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