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Complete online learning management and compliance systems.

We have over 20 years’ experience delivering interactive professional learning and training programmes. We design and build industry-leading online learning management systems to deliver anytime, anywhere online learning for employees and their continuing professional development.

Whether you’re looking to develop new learning initiatives, enhance existing training programmes or use interactive digital learning as part of a blended approach, we’ll deliver a bespoke solution that aligns with your culture and business objectives. We’ll build the features you actually need and won’t charge you for those you don’t. Our costing is based on learning modules completed instead of user numbers and is totally transparent.

Key LMS Benefits:

Easy to use

Simple web browser interface, with reporting dashboards that let you monitor and manage training.


Built-in social networking enhances collaborative learning.


Completely unique to your brand and culture.


Staff can fit learning around their workplace responsibilities.


We can execute your training programmes.

Our team deliver interactive learning experiences. Face to face, printed modules, and online learning management systems.

Time-efficient, engaging and interactive, online learning is the new way to accelerate the knowledge and development of staff. Our team can design your online learning management systems (LMS), set-up face-to-face and online training workshops, and handle training response data.

Training the right people.

We have a reputation for contacting the right people, at the right time with the right message. In the world of professional training, this kind of synergy is vital, particularly when it comes to the launch of a new product, or a change in legislation (think POM to P switch).

Over 20 years experience.

Over the last 20 years, we’ve set up and run over 250 events, attended by over 30,000 delegates and have sent training modules to over 300,000 staff in Pharmacy. Over 1 million modules have been taken and over 5 million questions and answers captured.

Pharmacy Training workshops.

In Pharmacy?  We have extensive experience delivering training to this sector. We’ll organise your training workshop from start to finish, making sure everything runs smoothly. This includes making sure the right people attend, that every detail is planned and executed and that responses are analysed.

Data layering allows us to target those who will benefit the most from training (e.g. training on a childrens remedy we’d map density of households with small children to pharmacies). We can book the venue and catering, send out invites, conduct telephone follow-ups and set up online registration for ease of sign up. We can even provide consultants to run the training if required.


90% of attendees found themselves
confident to recommend treatment
after the workshop.

Key benefits:

  • Interactive and out of the workplace – so people are fully engaged.
  • Mix with other professionals within the industry.
  • Investing in those who want to learn.
  • Builds brand advocates.

bitmap188% of the UK’s pharmacy staff have completed or attended training programmes managed by Precision.

Data response handling.

We manage attendee response during all of our workshops. Our interactive handsets make it easy to collect this data so we can generate your post-workshop report outlining how successful the training has been providing further insight.

Our training is flexible, and those who can’t attend can still complete courses online in order to gain their Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points.

All attendees who completed the training are mailed printed certificates for their CPD points.

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