We execute highly targeted, insight driven healthcare marketing campaigns.

Our consumer healthcare expertise to deliver your campaign starts with data. Innovative multi-level pharmacy, prescription and consumer data analysis to help drive highly targeted activation campaigns to key healthcare professionals, or consumers.

We can help you activate your campaigns through a range of channels; direct mail, print, web-to-print online platform, ecommerce, training events and learning platforms. And with our digital development team and production capabilities, we can deliver straight to your consumers.

Wholesale Distribution Authorisation (WDA) licence.

We offer full supply chain support and can distribute directly to customers. Our MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency) issued Wholesale Distribution Authorisation (WDA) licence allows us to store Pharmacy (P) medicines and General Sales List (GSL) as well as Medical Devices.

Reach your healthcare targets.

We utilise Big Data to gain a deeper understanding of the consumer health marketplace, make smart decisions and optimise the ROI for your healthcare communications.

All of our data is kept up to date by a combination of continuous daily telephone surveys, direct mail and sales force feedback.

Using a combination of our healthcare databases, we can help you reach your desired audience. And with our expertise in data profiling we can help you precisely target virtually any audience in the chain of care.

We own and maintain;

  • The National Pharmacy Database, over 14,000 records.
  • The NHS Prescribing Database, over 1 billion records, which summarises all prescriptions issued in the UK.

We also host additional healthcare databases covering GP’s, Nurses, Hospitals, Dentists, Opticians and Veterinary Surgeons.

Build your online shop.

We can help you build your online shop or build a bespoke ecommerce solution depending on your requirements.

We’re experts in simple, intuitive customer journey, our eCommerce sites are designed to enable;

  • speed of page load
  • less clicks from buy now to checkout
  • responsive across devices
  • use a known payment gateway system

We will also set up detailed catalogue management for batch control.

If it takes longer than 3 seconds to load a webpage the customer is 51% less likely to place an order.

Our eCommerce service includes:



Our WDA licenced warehouse in Suffolk is licenced to hold Pharmacy medicines (P meds), General Sales List (GSL), and Medical Devices


Distribution worldwide

We can pick, pack and dispatch products worldwide.


24/7 customer support

With our telephone helpline service and live chat.


Automated emails

Sending reminders for repeated purchase, providing product information and advice for treatment.

Training tailored to the healthcare sector.

We have a reputation for contacting the right people, at the right time with the right message. In the world of professional training, this kind of synergy is vital, particularly when it comes to the launch of a new product or a change in legislation (think POM to P switch).

Over the last 20 years, we’ve set up and run over 250 events, attended by over 30,000 delegates and have sent training modules to over 300,000 staff in Pharmacy. Over 1 million modules have been taken and over 5 million questions and answers captured.

We provide:

  • Printed and online training modules
  • POM to P switch training
  • Scenario training
  • Soft skills education

Online learning platform.

We know how to make learning interactive. We power real knowledge transfer through bespoke learning solutions built with your structure and objectives in mind. We design and develop industry leading online learning portals and communities, which deliver the convenience of anywhere, anytime learning for busy healthcare professionals.

Key Benefits:

Easy to use

Simple web browser interface, with reporting dashboards that let you monitor and manage training.


Built-in social networking enhances collaborative learning.


Completely unique to your brand and culture.


Staff can fit learning around their workplace responsibilities.

Face to face training workshops.

We can set-up your training workshop for you, book the venue and catering, and even provide consultants to run the training if required. We will ensure that you maximise attendance by sending out invitations through post and email, with telephone follow ups, and online registration for ease of sign up.


90% of attendees found themselves
confident to recommend treatment
after the workshop.


Key benefits:

  • Interactive
    Using interactive handset technology
  • Engaging
    Out of the workplace so people are fully engaged
  • Networking
    Mix with other professionals within the industry
  • Cost Effective
    Investing in those who want to learn
  • Championing the Brand
    Builds brand advocates

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