We have a fully automated marketing platform to execute your property marketing campaigns.

We’ve combined the latest technologies with our street-level expertise to develop a full suite of marketing services for the property sector.

Connects - Our market leading local marketing platform.

We launched Property Connects in March 2017 as a fully-fledged property marketing agency. Our talented team of property marketing specialists cater to everyone from Housebuilders, Media Agencies, Estate Agents and Housing Associations to help with their targeted marketing. We’re focused on personalised, customised and localised direct mail, door drops, and emails.  

Over 70% of the UK population moves within a 20-mile radius of where they live. So, trust us when we say it’s all about being local. Our platform offers access to local population, based on geography and demographics, to give you that competitive edge.

Our Connects platform is the market leading platform for local marketing and put quite simply, it connects property sellers to property buyers. And we make the process cost effective through a fully automated online platform that feeds through to our printing and mailing house in Bury St Edmunds.

House builders.

We work with some of the largest and the smallest developers across the UK through either one of our platforms:

Connects - free to use, no minimum order value restrictions

Connects Bespoke - tailored version of the site for those who need an enterprise-level solution

National new home builders are typically based on a regional structure: The Connects platforms link regional activity through one central portal. This will enable the regional leadership teams to operate with freedom without having to compromise the central, national marketing message or brand.

Branded “smart” templates provide local marketing flair to flourish while maintain the brand identity and quality control. We call this “Freedom within a Framework”.

Media agencies.

Agencies have a broad remit. Direct marketing is often just one element of the diverse, multi-faceted campaigns they must run and develop.

By enabling our agency partners to white label our platform, they can feed their campaign through our automated workflow and have it on press within minutes. We can save your agency time without compromising on accuracy and quality.

At pitch stage our agency partners benefit by having an own branded platform to share with prospective customers while opening up new revenue opportunities through data supply and analysis.

Estate agents.

The Estate Agent is one of the few remaining bastions of the high street. They know the effectiveness of local marketing like no one else. A great example of this is the Sold on your street campaigns triggering neighbours to think about listing and selling.

But they are facing tough times.

Increased competition and lower housing stock are now translating into reduced fees. You’re working twice as hard just to stay still.  

We help Estate Agents be more targeted, so they send less mail but experience greater success. And our Connects platform provides them with the most efficient way possible to promote their services and sell their properties locally.

Housing associations.

Tennant communication is made easy with our Connects platform, which provides the perfect hybrid mail solution.

We combine all orders received from customers so we can deliver them as efficiently as possible. If you only need to send one postcard it is easy, with no minimum order restriction.

With the cost of inhouse printer consumables on the rise, Connects is an effective alternative to your inhouse print room.

Street level marketing.

We start our campaigns by drilling down to the people most likely to engage - this provides the greatest chance of success and the highest ROI.

We ensure our data is GDPR compliant through working with a credible partner and employing our own data protection policies. So you can run direct marketing campaigns with confidence.

With access to 23 million named data profiles and 30 million unnamed data profiles we provide unprecedented levels of reach for the whole of the UK.


Sold on your street.

We can send personalised mailers to the neighbours of a house you have just sold in a matter of minutes (and can include the street name on the mailer).

Our data sources are also fully focused on the property sector:

  • Tenure - Do they Own, Privately Rent or live in Social Housing (Help to Buy)
  • Years at the Address
  • Property Value
  • Property Type
  • Number of Bedrooms
  • Property Age
  • Financial Health
  • Household Size
  • Household Composition

Connects - fully automated direct marketing platform.

We wanted to build a self-service, online solution. That way, we could make the data bit easy to use, easy to buy and affordable to all. We did this by applying clever technology and buying lots of data at the best price from a credible source.

Take a look at our Property Connects platform.



Find your perfect profiled target audience from over 23 million named contacts and 30 million unnamed data profiles. Providing reach for the whole of the UK.



Choose from a range of templated designs for letters, postcards, leaflets and flyers, or upload your own branded artwork. Tailor to your business and make in minutes.



We’ll arrange to send your mailing at the time that suits you, reaching the people that matter.

Affordable even in small quantities.

While direct mail can be more effective than other forms of communication it’s also pretty expensive. To make direct mail affordable to all, we’ve automated the whole process – from computer to postman. Once an order is placed, a print ready file is automatically placed into the workflow queue. We only target those most likely to respond. We also won’t penalise you for ordering less.

  • We guarantee to buy in excess of 5 million records a year.
  • We are a wholesale purchaser of data which enables us to sell data at affordable rates, in small and large quantities.
  • We own the printing presses and the mailing machines to provide the full solution.
  • We send in excess of 40 million items a year which enables us to benefit from the best possible postal discounts.

bitmap1We make smart mail, affordable.

Connects Bespoke.

In need of something a little more customised? We’ll build you your very own, fully branded and bespoke web-2-mail platform. We combine leading technology with the best features in order to create solutions that are future proof and that meet specific business needs.  

Just take a look at the Connects Bespoke environments we created for both the Labour Party and Vanarama.


Let’s get local!

Speak to one of our Connects Property team:

0808 1231235

Let’s get local!

Speak to one of our Connects Property team:

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